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I.D.E.A. 2017

Cranial Nerves is back again for their annual I.D.E.A. Interdisciplinary case competition, and will be partnering with Brampton Civic Hospital this year!

This year, the competition aims to combine the expertise of students in the Interior Design, Nursing and Engineering fields to solve a prominent issue in the Healthcare Industry.The teams will work together to solve patient flow problems faced in the emergency department of Brampton Civic Hospital. This is one of the busiest hospitals in Ontario and we believe that Ryerson students deserve an opportunity to make a mark here.

Interior Design & Engineering Affiliation (I.D.E.A) 2016

I.D.E.A is back again, but this year with a greater vision! I.D.E.A a collaborative design competition between the Ryerson Interior Design, Engineering and Architecture students. During the design competition, students will have an opportunity to gain valuable experience working alongside other faculty students by solving a real life design problem AND winning prizes for the top 3 solutions. 

On October 3rd, we will brief the competitors about the competition, rules, teams and also tell you a big hint about the design problem. Finally on October 8th, students will spend the day working on their solutions to the given problem and presenting to a panel of judges including industry professionals. The top three solutions will be awarded a cash prizes.So, sign up before it's too late.


We decided to make an Engineering themed escape room. So, Cranial Nerves is giving you all a chance to share your awesome ideas and help us come up with an engineering escape room plan. You may submit small puzzles or riddles (yes that's right, it's going to be quiet an entertainment) and help us make the Engineering Escape room a reality!  

Those whose Submissions will be chosen for this escape room, will receive a small, but awesome prize. So send in your ideas before October 15, 2016 and help us create history.

Past Events

Television doesn’t have to be purely fictional. Popular shows such as Sherlock Holmes and House MD mix entertainment and education to demonstrate how challenges are solved in the professional world. In celebration of National Engineering Month (March), we are asking students to step into the shoes of these visionary writers and directors, and create their own, short film revolving around the engineering design process.

Judges will rate the films on originality, content, structure, entertainment value, cinematography and effective showcasing of the engineering design process. The top-rated films will be featured at the Engineering Film Festival, and the top three teams will receive cash prizes.

Crowd favourite, best actor and best cinematography awards will also be presented.

This contest is open to all interested parties, including undergraduate and graduate students, and students outside Ryerson. Teams may have a maximum of five members, and we encourage contestants to work with others outside their facility. If you are seeking team members, it is highly recommended you attend the event orientation.

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Interior design & Engineering Affiliation (I.D.E.A.)

I.D.E.A is a design competition hosted by Cranial Nerves in collaboration with Ryerson Communication & Design Society, Ryerson Engineering Student Society & Center of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship that combines the skills and knowledge of Engineering and Interior Design Students. Teams of students from both facilities will be provided with a real world design problem, and asked to create a product that will provide a solution. The top three solutions will receive cash prizes.

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